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USQ’s Bachelor of Creative Arts and Wellbeing will grow your creativity, your facilitation and leadership skills, and your understanding of the needs of community care and development. Specialise in either Music, Theatre, or Visual Art and learn how your creative practice can engage positively with communities to build resilience, capacity, and cohesion. All three Majors are underpinned by foundational Human Services courses to equip you with the necessary knowledge to apply your creative processes in/with/and for diverse communities to assist individuals and groups to be happier and healthier. Graduates of this degree will have the necessary skills to work in the Creative Industries along with the added employability to bring benefit to other sectors like Community Services (youth, indigenous, aged, refugee, homeless, unemployed, disability), Hospitals/Allied Health, Correctional Services, Local Government, and Charity Organisations.


USQ Bachelor of Visual Arts - Studio Practice



The difference between a PhD and Doctor of Creative Arts program lies in the PhD offering a traditional thesis-based model that is centred on the theorisation of a central premise with a smaller creative component that serves to support the central theoretical premise to lead to new knowledge. A Doctor of Creative Art program is practice-centred, exploring the creative practitioner’s positioning as well as its anchoring and innovation within broader social, historical and cultural discourses. The centre of its enquiry encompasses a performativity or studio-oriented emphasis that is supported by an exegetical exploration of historical and contemporary creative artists and theorists to uncover new knowledge. It involves a rigorous practice-led methodology that develops the idea of performativity as part of the project’s theorisation of practice within the exegesis. The DPRS program is mostsuitable for candidates seeking to combine professional work with study and obtain a doctoral degree based entirely on the
candidate’s practice (work or community of practice).


Your supervisor will there to guide you through every part of the candidature. As well as sharing their expertise on the research topic, your supervisor will offer you advice and support, and introduce you to the broader research community. To get the most benefit from supervision, it is important that you identify potential supervisors and discuss your research interest early in the application process. Building a an effective working relationship with your supervisor that will last the length of your canditature will provide the best chance of successful completion.

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Our researchers and students can access a wide range of technologies, studios and creative spaces that help drive new discoveries and creative arts innovations.


The School of Creative Arts is a community of artists, scholars and researchers who seek to lead and inspire students and the community through collaboration and innovation. We enable and encourage creative and informed student reflection, critique, the formation and production of creative outcomes and patterns of life-long learning and curiosity.

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USQ Bachelor of Visual Arts - Studio Practice


The School of Creative Arts is proud of the strong partnerships we have forged with local community. Many of these partnerships have been in place for years and have yielded incredible success. With engagement being one of the School’s core values, we have cultivated these partnerships to not only benefit our students and staff, but also to ensure we are central in our regions’ cultural growth and prosperity.


USQ Research Graduate - Courtney

Courtney Feldman


USQ Alumnus Visual Art - Dan Elborne

Dan Elbourne

Artist & Academic

USQ Visual Art Alumnus - Rhi Johnson

Rhi Johnson

Artist & Academic

Courtney Feldman

Courtney has always been immersed in the creative arts and with family ties to the university, embarking on her Doctor of Philosophy in Contemporary Voice program at USQ was a ‘no-brainer’. 

Having already completed her undergraduate degree and honours in the Bachelor of Creative Arts program, Courtney is a successful ‘portfolio’ musician. She performs, educates, researches, collaborates, advocates, and inspires others to continue to pursue their goals. 

A self-proclaimed go-getter, Courtney says it’s always been about the journey. Working consistently as a music teacher and accompanist, as well as directing her own music studio, she sustained her work throughout the duration of her studies and still does to this day.

Courtney’s journey has not been without challenges however, as she experienced the tremendous grief of the sudden passing of her father whilst studying and working full-time. Her capacity to handle stressful situations was tried and tested, and the pursuit to achieve well in her assignments and exams challenged. It was, however, the support received during this time that has forever impacted her life. 

Along with giving Courtney with the tools needed to pursue her goals, USQ became her second home throughout her degree; a home where she is constantly surrounded by acceptance, value and the creative freedom to pursue her own unique identity.

Daniel Elbourne

After floating between jobs and feeling a lack of direction, Dan began his journey at USQ studying what he is most passionate about – art. He has graduated from USQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) and a Doctor of Philosophy.

An artist with a practice based in ceramics, Dan has been able to travel, exhibit and teach extensively throughout Australia and abroad. He has also worked as a Visual Arts Technician and Ceramics
Lecturer at USQ, with plans to move to Melbourne to continue his practice there.

Dan’s motivation as an artist stems from the inevitability of death, which puts a profound imperative on life. His creative and professional trajectory – formed by his studies at USQ – allowed him to
approach his practice with passion and overcome the rejection and recognition-based challenges of the art industry.

‘The short time we have here motivates me to try and make a difference, try and have meaningful and productive interactions, and to try and leave things better than I found them.’

Rhi Johnson

My time as a visual art student at USQ was a personally, professionally and creatively transformative process, and a driving factor in my subsequent career choices. I found myself simultaneously challenged and supported, which led to confidence in creative growth, the development of practical skills and an involvement in numerous exhibitions and other industry outcomes. I have retained a lasting sense of creative and collaborative community, which continues to form the basis for many subsequent art exhibitions, projects and events.

The Dina Award

Our Higher Degree by Research student Ally Zlatar has been awarded a prestigious UK-based award late last year. ‘The Diana Award’ based on the legacy of Princess Diana, honours young people who are making positive contributions to society. Zlatar’s artistic works and advocacy around raising awareness around eating disorders is directly related to her Doctorate of Creative Arts at USQ. She is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Beata Batorowicz, Amy Mullens and Dr Carol du Plessis.

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